Well after a late night with friends, I slept most the day away..but as I lay in bed unable to fall into my normal sleeping time I found a game that appease’s the gaming beast within my soul! It is called Mount&Blade! This game is incredible! It mixed aspects of a strategy game, with a action rpg. Imagine running across a battlefield on your horse against a army of 300 soldiers, slicing and dicing your enemies down one by one. Or dodging masses of arrows as you move in towards a king ready to slay him at the first chance you get. Imagine starting off as a nobody, and hiring a army capable of fighting for a king in hopes that the king rewards you with land and city’s you control and upgrade. Yea that is Mount & Blade. 

Some of the best features in this game…well ALL of them! You upgrade your character in typical rpg fashion, allocating skill points and stat points to make your character unique. In order to level up, you can do quests for the Dukes and Lords of the land you chose to start off in, or you can attack brigands that if your army is too small will attack you every chance they get. After a battle you loot weapons and armor, food and trade goods off the battlefield and sell them in order to get funds to build your personal army. Even your army gains experience points which allow a simple village peasant to be upgraded to ferocious mounted crossbowmen or several other military units. 

Aside from the RPG aspect, there is a strategy aspect to this fantastic video game. As you battle your way across the lands, you begin to gain fame and renown with the lords and the kings of the land. As you do you can join the king’s military and attack his enemies in battles of epic proportions. After several successful campaigns the kind may reward you with villages which you can upgrade to collect more taxes from them. The king may even be so pleased with you that he may make you a vassal or a lord, granting you your very own castle. Now while all this is fun at some point you may get sick of being a yes man, and want to usurp the throne, and Mount & Blade let’s you do even that! Become king for yourself and lead your land in wars against other lands against other kings and lords that want only one thing…total domination! 

So all in all if you haven’t played this PC Video game..you totally should! I have been playing non-stop for 4 hours now and I know there is so much I have yet to accomplish! I’m hooked!